Series of flashbacks strike my mind
An avalanche of agony overcomes me
Suppressed memories resurface!

The nightmares take their toll on me
Thumping against my skull
With such force that it splits my head open.
Smearing flying debris and bony fragments all over the place!

My mind has gone completely hay wire
Like a suicide bomber partying with a Mad Hatter
Celebrating its own inevitable doom!

“If Only You Were Here”

"If only you were here"Thinking about days gone by

Things done and left undone

Ideas come to my mind but are left unsaid

If only you were here.

With each passing day,I am becoming a stranger to myself

Aimlessly heading no where

If only you were here.

No where to go,no one to return to

I lie down idly,looking into the dark abyss

Losing  my grasp on reality or maybe I am in denial

The random stuff we discussed and the outbursts of joy we felt

With one of us ranting over an issue and the other laughing it off

The laughs are rare now as the joke is on me

If only you were here.

How I cherish the days spent by your side

I’d tell it to you

If only you were here.


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